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Crushing Conceptualism in Modern Christianity

A heavy spirit of conceptualism has infiltrated the modern Christian establishments. Our traditions, philosophies, theologies; everything our beliefs are built upon is perpetually influenced by an elite world-class system. Have you ever felt like there has to be more to our placement in this world than going through the motions of the Sunday morning ritual called “church?” More to this thing we call “Christianity?” If so, this book is what you have been waiting for.


A truth movement has emerged. A remnant of modern “Ark Builders” endeavors to awaken those who are still asleep. Every day we see evidence of what the Bible describes as “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Those who secretly govern our world have an agenda to unite and target professing Christians. The motive is world dominance, and the method is mind control, to brainwash the mass into conforming to what is socially acceptable and politically correct.


But we are not ignorant of the enemy’s strategies. This book equips its readers with information exposing this deception, as it bridges the gap between conspiracy theory and demonic activity. You are about to open the door to a world that you never knew existed; a reality of which you never knew you were a part. Prepare yourself. Once you see, you will never be able to unseen this realm again.

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